Impartiality - Fees

  • We are 100% Fee Based and always have been.
  • Our fees are almost always significantly lower than the normal retail commission payments which were typically payable before 1st January 2013 when the new "commission-free" financial services marketplace was introduced.

  • Did you know – some investment products used to pay 7% of your money as a commission payment to advisers, whilst some investment products paid little or no commission to advisers.
  • In the event that any legacy commission may be payable, our stance is that this belongs to you, the client.

  • Our fees are significantly cheaper than most of the typical private banks, discretionary fund managers and high street banks asset management services.

  • Being 100% fee based is, we believe, in our clients' best interests.

Impartiality - Company Ownership

  • We are 100% independently owned (which avoids any conflicts of interest). Everything we do and every decision we make is geared towards achieving the best result for our client - and not for anyone else. 

  • Did you know that some firms of advisers are partly owned - and some are wholly owned - by insurance companies? 

Impartiality- Independent Regulatory Status

  • We have Independent Financial Advisory Status from the Financial Conduct Authority (the UK financial services regulator).

  • Did you know - in the UK, there are two main types of Financial Adviser:-

    • (1)    An Independent Financial Adviser; and

    • (2)    A Restricted Financial Adviser

  • An Independent Financial Adviser in law is the agent of you, the client and independent status means we can, and do, look after all of our clients' affairs.

  • As an Independent Financial Adviser we are free to consider any potential financial solution for our clients. We are not tied or restricted in any way.
  • By contrast, a Restricted Adviser will make recommendations from a restricted panel of financial products. This is not independent advice, irrespective of how it may be described.

  • A Question to Ask - Ask your adviser, or your potential adviser the following question:

    "Under the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority, are you classified as an Independent Adviser?"

    If the adviser is an Independent Adviser, the answer will probably be a simple "Yes we are" along with why independent status is better for the clients.

If the adviser is a Restricted Adviser, you will be very unlikely to get a simple "No" answer. More likely it will be a long explanation as to why "Restricted Status" does not restrict them (?) from giving you the best (?) advice. There may be a clever use of words in the explanation. However, you should be clear in your mind. Your adviser is either Independent or Restricted. We are, and always have been, independent as we believe this is in the best interests of our clients.

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